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Fancy wordsmith reviews Linus, Anna

October 10th, 2007 @ 10:53 am
by Vince Twelve

Blog / New Yorker-wannabe Yesterday’s Salad, has posted some quite articulate reviews of Linus and Anna.

The Anna review points out the game’s roots in classic speculative fiction and gives nice props all around.

The graphics do a perfect job of setting the mood. Set in gray-scale with smooth (but spartan) animations and parallax, the overall effect is a kind of neo-noir, perfectly conveying the sterility of the clean-room in which Anna’s hardware is housed (and the action is set). The audio is similarly sparse, but it evokes a definite claustrophobia; perfect for when the computer controlling the life support on your tiny space station is shutting down or on the verge of going bonkers.

The Linus review takes a different tact, offering two side by side reviews to mimic the game itself. One reviewer quite positive, the other having fun and calling me pretentious. It’s a pretty funny read.

Admittedly, the graphics are nice. Yet, what’s with putting half of the game in Japanese? Does he figure that most gamers worth their salt have worn through the Criterion Collection’s Kurosawa archive? Or perhaps he thinks that the average gamer’s brain is made of Twiglets and is relatively pliable? Seriously, though the independent-gaming press seems to be eating this game up, I can’t help but wonder if it’s just because they don’t “get” the game and are deathly afraid of appearing that way.

Yesterday’s Salad has become the number one site for freeware adventure reviews lately. I’m looking forward to lots more!

2 Responses to “Fancy wordsmith reviews Linus, Anna”

  1. gnome Says:

    Aha! I knew you were becoming a cult idol and developing totem-like qualities… Brilliant and that’s a fantastic blog you discovered there too…

  2. Whence Yesterday « Yesterday’s Salad Says:

    […] October 10th, 2007 With all the recent talk regarding the essence of Yesterday’s Salad (a topic especially interesting to new authors, cf. Haverstam’s epistle and the debut of the notorious eyebiter. This is contra Lord Notwithabang… who simply introduced himself here, and waited until his 6th post to begin his meta-analysis of the minor internet phenomenon that is Yesterday’s Salad; and contra the now shipwrecked L.P. Mandrake who merely dashed my hopes and dreams with his ur post), two developments have gone sorely underreported around these parts. And since YS can be taken as a synecdoche for the internet as a whole, it’s safe to say that the entire global media has been negligent in their duties of providing investigative reportage. But never fear, “blog/New Yorker-wannabe” YS is here to provide something resembling salvation. (And, for what it’s worth, it should be noted that some YS’ writers prefer to emulate The Atlantic Monthly, Southern Living and/or the now defunct Yiddish cultural journal Vokhnshrift far literature, kunst, un kultur.) […]