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Resonance: The Music: The Blog

October 24th, 2007 @ 9:54 am
by Vince Twelve

Nik.PNGOk, so, it’s not really a blog dedicated to the music of Resonance, but it is a brand new blog by the composer of Resonance. Yes, the wonderful Nikolas Sideris, who was also responsible for the awesome jigsaw-piece tunes in Linus.

Inside, you’ll find a post in which he talks about working on the music of Resonance, and gives a sneak peak at a work-in-progress version of Ed’s theme, which will soon be spiced up with some live instrumental recordings.

Nice work, Nik!

2 Responses to “Resonance: The Music: The Blog”

  1. Nikolas Says:

    Thanks for the mention Vince. :)

    I’ll try to keep track of what I do pretty much, not to the extend that you do of course, but this is a very interesting game to work on, so it makes sense to keep some sort of diary.

  2. notwithabang Says:

    You’ve got Nikolas, too?
    What’s next, is Steve Purcell doing animation or something?