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Bam! New site design!

April 14th, 2009 @ 10:16 am
by Vince Twelve

EDIT: Ack! I was trying to fix the site to redirect people with Javascript disabled and it broke the page. Thanks for the suggestion Jason… :)

EDIT2: Fixed it!

xiibotI finally managed to (I think) reign in all of Internet Explorer’s quirks and get the new front page design working on all modern browsers. (Wont work in Internet 5.5 and earlier. Internet Explorer 6 sees a slightly gimped version.) Now, when you visit you will see the new page.

The new front page showcases the latest three news articles and my latest three tweets for easy viewing and links to the new blog address at If you want to just see the blog when you come to this site, you’ll have to update your bookmarks. The feeds shown on the front page are cached to prevent the page from breaking if either WordPress or Twitter are down, so they may not show up-to-the-second updates. The best way to keep up with what’s going on with Resonance or other xii game projects is still to subscribe to the rss feed or to follow me on Twitter.

Hopefully the new front page provides a fun and attention-getting preview of what this page is all about. I quite like it.

I’ve got to give a big shout out to Ben304, creator of the awesome games Annie Android and Shifter’s Box among others, who put together the awesome pixel art that you’ll see adorning the big ‘x’ on that front page. Visit his blog and download his games if you haven’t already. They’re awesome! Thanks Ben!

I have plans to slowly replace each of the game pages and redesign this blog as well to fit in closer with the design of that main page. But working on this has already stolen a week or so away from Resonance, so back to game coding for me!

3 Responses to “Bam! New site design!”

  1. Ben304 Says:

    All looks and works great! Nice work :D.

    Back to Resonance indeed! ;)

  2. gnome Says:

    Absolutely fantastic! As expected, really.

  3. Pablo Says:

    I just had to stop by and say how fantastic I think your new front page looks. Very innovative and fun! Simply brilliant. :)

    All the best!