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Resonance team looking for some art help!

May 30th, 2009 @ 4:47 pm
by Vince Twelve

Hey everybody, the Resonance team is looking for another artist to help out with some closeup screens. Basically, the main background artist knocks out all these great backgrounds, but sometimes I’d like to flesh them out more with additional closeups of the items in the screen. These closeup screens are almost always interactive, like zooming in on a security panel to enter a passcode, or zooming in on a valve to turn a crank.

I’d rather have the artist spend the time he has available on the remaining backgrounds and get someone else to work on these closeups. Currently, I’ve been kind of filling some of them with programmer art just as placeholders so I can get the interactivity in place. But I’d like to have someone make them real purdy.

Requirements: you must be able to make the closeups match the existing style of the backgrounds.

Examples: Two released screenshots show one of the closeups:

The room background:

Closeup on the chest’s lock:

Here’s another example with my crap programmer art. The room background:

Closeup on the computer on the desk:

I need someone to fix those up. Are you up to the task? Send me an email at hopefully with some examples of your work.

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