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November 12th, 2009 @ 10:27 am
by Vince Twelve

langdell Okay, for those of you confused by the last post, it was all a little joke to show my support for Langdell Troll Day.

If you like playing indie games, but don’t know who Tim Langdell is, you should find out. He is, in my opinion, a trademark troll who uses his fraudulently-maintained trademark of the four-letter word “EDGE” to harass, impede, and extort money from any developer who haplessly uses the word in the title of their game or semi-remotely-game-related-something-or-other.

Recently he has been going after indie game developers, which has caused the indie game developer community to band together to shed light on all his dirty dealings.

Here’s a good summary of the events that drew the focus of the indie dev community. And here is a great Tim Langdell, This Is Your Life! summary of info about him and his antics. Edit: Oh! And how could I possibly forget ChaosEdge who have been the best source for delving through the Langdell Muck!

Even with EA having recently joined the fight (after his laughable attempt to pretend he was making a game called “MIRRORS a game by EDGE”), he recently has been attempting to have Killer Edge Racing for the iPhone pulled from the iPhone App Store using legal threats and is, in my opinion, undoubtedly attempting to extort money from the developers.

Anywho. It’s still Resonance, yo.

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