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by Erin “The Ivy” Robinson


“Spooks” is as close to the Land of the Dead that you can get with a pulse. In this immersive Sierra-style adventure, you play as Mortia, an adorably cynical little ghoul girl. The game starts with your average visit to the Carnage-Val, a theme park where the only thing more dysfunctional than the rides is the staff.

When a smooth-talking carnie convinces Mortia to play a game of darts, the last thing she expects to win is a live goldfish. Especially because there hasn’t been a living thing in the Land of the Dead for a very, very, very long time. Suddenly Mortia has to figure out how to save her little fish, who she calls “Spooks,” from a decidedly deadly end.


  • a classic point-and-click experience
  • a hilarious cast of characters
  • an almost unacceptable number of puns
  • death
  • destruction
  • goldfish


    Abandonia Reloaded

    It is not always easy to come up with something new and original especially in the adventure genre. Many ideas have been done so often but it is refreshing to see new ideas being taken in different directions.

    Adventure Gamers

    You’ll be hooked all the way into helping Mortia find out what being alive is all about. Spooks is a great little game […].

    Adventure Lantern 80/100

    This game is a great deal of fun, and very funny […], and tells an interesting and imaginative story.

    The Adventuress 4.5/5

    This game was EXTREMELY witty and very cute.

    An Occasional Player’s Review

    Spooks is an adventure game I won’t hesitate recommending to those who are new to adventure games and those looking for a few hours’ worth of entertainment. If you need something short, funny, and memorable, give Spooks a whirl. You’ll definitely like it.

    Gnome’s Lair 8/10
    HREJ! 8/10 (review in czech)
    Independent Gaming


    2006 AGS Awards

      Winner: Best Player Character (Mortia)
      Winner: Best Music
      Nomination: Best Game
      Nomination: Best Gameplay
      Nomination: Best Story
      Nomination: Best Dialogue Writing
      Nomination: Best Non-player Character (Spooks the fish)


    Erin Robinson – Design, Writing, Art
    Vince Twelve – Programming
    Chris “The Scorposer” Moorson – Music, Sound
    Chris Jones – Adventure Game Studio

    Beta Testers:

      Steve McCrea
      Luke “Erenan” Simpson