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Hey there!

October 19th, 2008 @ 2:43 am
by Vince Twelve

Thanks Snarky, for kicking me in the pants here.

A bit of explanation: In August, I picked up and moved my family from Japan to America. It was obviously a stressful process. Once here, it was a long period of apartment hunting, car hunting, furniture hunting, and job hunting. I pretty much haven’t had any time to think about stuff outside of getting my family situated since then.

I recently landed a nice comfortable programming job and started working full time this week. Now that all that is behind me, I should be able to start establishing a better free-time schedule in which to work on games and blogging.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had much time over the past two months to work on Resonance, so that has pretty much been sitting in idle for a while. I will get back to work on it soon. Right now, I’m doing some side work for Erin on her still secret Wadjet Eye game. I was happy to have that game helping me pay the bills while I was searching for gainful employment. I hope to help her finish up that game pretty quickly here so that I can move back to Resonance and get that finished up some time in 2009.

So, apologies for the quiet period. To make up for it: a little splash of color!

8 Responses to “Hey there!”

  1. Dr. Zaiss Says:

    Oooh… ummm…. pretty?

  2. Edmundito Says:

    Welcome home!

  3. gnome Says:

    Ahh, an excellent splash (really love the final effect on the blog) and welcome back to the wondorous world of all things cyber!

  4. Cameron Says:

    Quite the snazzy page. I was wondering when you’d get back to pleasing the massess and posting. Who cares about silly job finding and the like.

  5. Ben304 Says:

    I got a nice surprise when I thought I’d check your site today. Lovely colour scheme ;).

    I really look forward to hearing more on Resonance!

  6. Snarky Says:

    Hey, you do read your PMs!

    Welcome back to the States! Where in the country are you, then?

  7. John Says:

    Welcome back!

  8. Storygamer Says:

    Welcome back to the USA :) What part of it did you move to? (I just mean the state and general region–I’m not stalking you, I swear.)