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Go buy Emerald City Confidential

February 25th, 2009 @ 2:29 pm
by Vince Twelve

Fans of indie adventure games are rejoicing. After a year of no releases (sounds like someone else I know) Dave Gilbert has finally released his Play First-published adventure game, Emerald City Confidential!


He’s put a really fun Noir spin on the land of Oz. All your favorite characters are in there, but probably not as you remember them. The game has been somewhat casual-ized, to try and appeal to Play First’s built in fanbase, but don’t worry adventurers, there are no hidden-objects (unless you count the optional bonus button quest!) and no fast-paced pizza restaurant management simulators. Just inventory puzzles and lots of dialog! Joy!

Dave’s done a great job on this one. I played through the whole thing in just a couple of days. My daughter loved sitting on my lap and watching me play, so it’s fun for the whole family! Go pick it up from Dave’s site!

2 Responses to “Go buy Emerald City Confidential”

  1. gnome Says:

    OK. Trusting your admittedly excellent taste I’ll give it a try as soon as I find a spare second, then.

    Oh, and cheers!

  2. Vince Twelve Says:

    Definitely do! You won’t regret it!