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Meet the Cast of Resonance!

February 19th, 2012 @ 6:06 pm
by Vince Twelve

Two blog posts in one day? What is this madness?

Resonance is centered around the lives of four characters on a quest to secure a hidden vault containing a dangerous new technology. During the game, the player will take control of all four of these characters, helping them work together to find the vault.

Since these four characters carry the story, it is important to have an incredibly talented cast of actors to give them voice. And boy, did we find such a cast. Let me introduce them to you!

Ed Tolstoy “Ed” Eddings
played by Edward Bauer
(Blackwell Deception)

Ed is a mathematician at Juno Laboratories. He’s better with numbers than with people, but because of his familiarity with this new technology, the other characters count on him for guidance in their search.

Anna Castellanos Anna Castellanos
played by Sarah Elmaleh
(Gemini Rue, Blackwell Deception, Skulls of the Shogun)

Anna is an ER doctor in Aventine City. Her connection to the vault re-opens old wounds from her past.

Detective Bennet Detective Winston Bennet
played by Logan Cunningham

Bennet is a senior Detective with the Aventine City Police Department. He will often disregard regulations and follow his gut, charging head-first into situations without thinking things through.

Raymond Abbot Raymond Abbot
played by Daryl Lathon
(Puzzle Bots, Blackwell Deception)

Ray is a controversial journalist for a popular online news source. He’s good at getting information out of people, even if he is more than a little cock-sure. He fancies himself a bit of a ladies man.

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