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What Linus Bruckman Sees When His Eyes Are Closed

by Vince Twelve

(42.6 MB) or (71.4 MB)

He never talks to me anymore. He never talks to anyone anymore.

His eyes are always closed.

I wonder what he sees…



  • Unique dual story gameplay
  • Multiple Endings
  • English and Japanese Language
  • Loads of graphical effects
  • A dynamic music system
  • An exciting and bizarre story
  • Another exciting and bizarre story
  • A cool interactive manual
  • Add your name to the online Hall of Completion
  • Gods, aliens, samurai, and Charlton Heston


Linus Bruckman Linus Bruckman Linus Bruckman
Linus Bruckman Linus Bruckman Linus Bruckman

Interactive Manual

    The game’s interactive online manual can be accessed here.

Hall of Completions

    After completing the game, you will be given a code to add your name to the online Hall of Completion!


    Download the game's fantastic soundtrack by Nikolas Sideris
    (6.8 MB)

    Track listing:

      1 - Intro Theme
      2 - Both
      3 - Alien Theme
      4 - Samurai Theme
      5 - Linus Theme


    2006 AGS Awards

      Winner: Best Innovation
      Winner: Best Scripting
      Nomination: Best Puzzles
      Nomination: Best Documentation
      Nomination: Best Music


    Vince Twelve - Design, Writing, Art, Programming
    Kumiko Twelve - Japanese Translations, Support, Love
    Nikolas Sideris - Music, Sound
    Erin "The Ivy" Robinson - Xarnax and Xarnax Dialogue
    Greg Schlaepfer - Bass, Guitar, and Percussion Samples
    Chris Jones - Adventure Game Studio

    Beta Testers:

      Steve McCrea
      Erin "The Ivy" Robinson
      Greg Schlaepfer
      Luke "Erenan" Simpson
      Dr. Zaiss

Technical Recommendations

This game uses a lot of animations and transparencies on the screen at once, and since the engine lacks real hardware acceleration, the game will get bogged down on slower computers. On a slow computer (say, less than 1.5GHz) animations will slow down and the sound will often skip.

I've included an option in the game's option menu that turns off some of the uneccessary effects which can help performance. If this doesn't resolve the problem, I'm sorry. But remember: it's just a freeware game!

(42.6 MB) or (71.4 MB)